Drone footage captures a whale swimming up to surfers in Dana Point, California

One surfer was startled as the whale passed by.

Surfers in California were in for the view of a lifetime when they went out to catch some waves.

Payton Landaas, who describes himself as a drone pilot on his Facebook page, captured the incredible sight on Nov. 11 as a huge whale made its way toward the surfers waiting on their boards for waves in Dana Point, a city in Orange County, California.

The video shows the whale weaving through about 20 surfers, startling one, but peacefully swimming between them, breaching momentarily, before continuing on its way in Doheny State Beach.

Landaas told the Orange County Register he was watching the waves from near his home when he spotted what he recognized as a whale spout in the distance.

“I ran and got my drone and flew it out there,” he said.