Surveillance video captures multiple angles as thieves break in with family at home

A boy is seen running to safety as armed thieves break into his home.

Home surveillance video captured five different camera angles as three suspects armed with a gun broke in a Milwaukee home.

The video, posted by Milwaukee resident Thevy Keungasvath-Pena on her Facebook page, first shows three suspects, dressed head-to-toe in light colors open Keungasvath-Pena’s back gate and cross her yard around 10:20 p.m. on Saturday night. As the trio runs across the backyard, the video shows the motion-sensing lights in the backyard switch on, but the light does not deter the suspects.

The next camera captures two of the suspects conferring by her side door, with one of the suspects holding a gun while the other kicks in her door. As the door opens, all three of the suspects can be seen rushing inside.

Milwaukee police confirmed a police report on the incident was filed.

"Milwaukee police responded to a home in the 3000 block of S. 33rd Street around 10:20 p.m. on March 10 for a report of a burglary while armed," police said in a statement. "Three unknown suspects, who were armed, broke into a home and stole several electronics. The suspects then fled the scene. MPD continues to seek them."

As the suspects beat down the door, Keungasvath-Pena’s son was laying on the couch, she said in her Facebook post. When he heard the suspects trying to break in, he ran to safety upstairs with his mom and the family dog. Another surveillance camera in the family’s dining room captures him running by the camera appearing to be wearing only a pair of shorts. Just moments later, the suspects are seen running into the house and grabbing things off the counters.

As they leave the house, they’re captured on camera again ducking back out the side door. One of the suspects still has his gun in hand as the trio runs across the backyard, closing the gate behind them.

Keungasvath-Pena said her son spotted them jumping in a red four-door Cadillac sedan as he watched from an upstairs window.

She believes the thieves targeted the home, knowing only she and her son were there at the time.

“The two of us were the only ones home, but there are four of us that live here, so they must have been watching my home to know we were alone,” she wrote.

“All of our lights were on and there were clearly people inside, but these men did not hesitate to still come in,” she added.