Man Charged After Suspicious Bags Found Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

The find comes a year to the day of the bombings in Boston.

April 15, 2014, 7:47 PM
PHOTO: Suspicious Bags found near Boston Marathon finish line.
Suspicious Bags found near Boston Marathon finish line.
Ryan Catalani/@magicofpi/Twitter

April 15, 2014— -- A man was charged Tuesday with possession of a hoax device, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace after two suspicious bags were found near the finish line of the Boston Marathon amid stepped-up security on the anniversary of the bombings that shook the city a year ago.

The device the suspect, identified as Kayvon Edson, had was a rice cooker, not an actual explosive device, police said.

The two suspicious bags -- only one of which police say they believe the man dropped -- were both exploded after the suspect had been detained for questioning. Edson, 25, a native of Wakefield, Mass., is expected to be arraigned today on a variety of charges.

WATCH: Video Shows Suspicious Person Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

"With the marathon coming, we are taking it serious," Boston Police Officer Randall Halstead said. "Our officers are trained in looking for any kind of suspicious activity, and when it is brought to their attention or they notice it, which was in this case, they act upon it."

The race takes place April 21, but Tuesday was a day of remembrance in Boston, a year after bombings at the finish line killed three and injured 264.

Police said the bags were left in the area of Boylston St. and Exeter St., and the road was closed. Both bags were exploded by Boston Police as a precaution.

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