Teacher Tells 7th Grade Student That God Doesn't Exist, Says Student's Mom

A Texas seventh grader was told God is a myth during a class assignment.

— -- A Texas junior high school is under scrutiny after a teacher allegedly told a seventh grader that God is a myth during a class assignment.

Jordan Wooley, 12, was in her reading class on Monday at West Memorial Junior High School in Katy, Tex., when her teacher asked students to complete an assignment identifying whether statements were facts, opinions or commonplace assertions. When Jordan identified the statement “There is a God” as a fact and an opinion, her teacher told her she was wrong, Jordan’s mother Chantel Wooley told ABC News today.

“In this day in age, I would have never guessed that something like this would happen in a classroom in America,” she said.

When her daughter got home from school that day, Wooley said she immediately called the principal of the school, who said she would investigate the situation. Wooley and her daughter also attended a school board meeting that night where Jordan recounted the incident.