Teen Held in Terrifying Home Invasion Caught on Tape

The security video showed two men breaking into a house armed with knives.

— -- A 17-year-old has turned himself in to the San Jose Police Department today for his alleged role in a horrifying home invasion robbery in San Jose, California, that was caught on home surveillance video, authorities said.

Police did not identify the teen because of his age.

On Friday, in broad daylight, two men entered Bikram Singh’s home in the tony Evergreen District through an unlocked door. On surveillance footage, the two are dressed in black and are holding knives.

“I don't really know what his intention was. He was there to kidnap or kill or hurt or I don't know," Singh told ABC News affiliate KGO-TV. "They got a few knives from the kitchen, all ready to kill or hit or hurt someone."

The two men appear to disconnect the landline phone and then walk through the home. They then realize that people are in the home when they hear noises on the floor above them.

Singh said that his in-laws -- a sister-in-law and her mother -- were in the house at the time watching his 1-year-old daughter. San Jose police said that the women "observed the two armed suspects coming up the staircase."

Singh said the three hid in a back bedroom, with his sister-in-law acting as a barricade against the door.

Singh, who’d installed the high-tech surveillance cameras after his home was robbed previously, said the two men then attempted to break down the door.

“He made a big hole and then tried to hurt my sister-in-law with a knife,” Singh said.

San Jose police said the two women were able to go into a bathroom and hide before the two men left the house. Police said neither the women nor the child were injured.

Singh said his relatives had not recovered from the incident.

“They’re very, very scared, especially when they were holding a 1-year-old child in their hands,” he said. “Anything could have gone wrong.”

Authorities said the 17-year-old had been booked into the Santa Clara Juvenile Hall and that they were still trying to identify and locate the other person seen in the video.

“I don’t know what to do,” Singh said. “You don’t feel safe in your own house.”