Tennessee police officer grabs bridge jumper at the last second to save his life

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department congratulated the officer on social media.

A quick thinking police officer with even quicker reflexes saved the life of a man attempting to jump off of a bridge while police were speaking with him in dramatic newly released video.

“Sheriff Tom Spangler would like to commend our very own TANGO ”Traffic Unit” Officer, Brian Rehg for his efforts in saving the life of a young man that attempted to jump off a bridge on Pleasant Ridge Road On April 8, 2019,” the Facebook post began.

In the video caught on one of the police officer’s body camera, the man can be seen darting to the side of the bridge and trying to hurl himself over the edge before the officer is able to grab him by his right leg at the very last second before the jumper plummeted to the ground.

“Officer Rehg along with KPD Lt. Chris McCarter grabbed and held onto the young man just seconds before he went over the bridge. Because of their vigilance and quick actions the young man is alive today,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident occurred in April of this year but the video was only just released yesterday,

“Both Lt. McCarter and Officer Rehg are true local heroes, not just because of this one incident but because they continue to risk their lives daily for the safety of others”, said Spangler.