Tennis Ace Jennifer Capriati Accused of Assaulting, Stalking Former Boyfriend

Jennifer Capriati allegedly punched ex-boyfriend at Florida gym.

March 11, 2013 — -- Tennis legend Jennifer Capriati gained glory with her wicked swing on the court, but she's now being accused of assault off the court by her former boyfriend, who police say was punched by the three-time Grand Slam champion on Valentines' Day.

Police say Capriati, 36, punched Ivan Brannan in the chest at the Oxygen Gym and Spa in North Palm Beach Fla., Feb. 14, before the altercation had to be broken up by a yoga instructor. Brannan, a former college golfer, was able to flee and "lock himself in the [men's] locker room and call police," according to a police report.

Brannon's hands were shaking and it was apparent "he was in fear of physical harm," according to the report. Brannan, 28, also complained to police about Capriati's allegedly stalking or harassing him seven times, saying that she even called his workplace 50 times in a single day in January, and then showed up there and banged on the windows.

Steven Sessa, Capriati's attorney, said the facts will prove otherwise.

"I am sure that the police report is one-sided," he said. "Once all the facts are examined, Ms. Capriati will be vindicated."

The 2001 Australian and French Open women's singles champ, who last year was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, was defended Sunday by Christine Corley, an ex-girlfriend of Brennan's who has appeared on the reality-TV competition show MasterChef.

Corley tweeted an accusation that Brannan cooked up unfounded allegations against her.

"He is doing the same thing to you as he did to me!!" she wrote, to which Capriati responded, "He has gone too far trying to destroy our lives!!"

Corley, who provided no details, wasn't charged with a crime for the allegations she says Brannan made.

Capriati burst into the tennis world at age 13 and flamed out three years later, quitting the sport and getting arrested for marijuana possession and shoplifting in 1994. She later fought back, becoming the world No. 1 women's singles player in 2001 before quitting again and then overdosing on prescriptions medication in 2010.

"This is sadly for Jennifer Capriati a continuation of this roller-coaster life that she has been living in the public eye for more than 20 years," "Good Morning America" sports contributor Christine Brennan said.