'Texas Law Hawk' Lawyer Screams and Pops Wheelies in Viral Ad

Bryan Wilson's ad has racked up more than 630,000 views on YouTube.

ByABC News
October 23, 2015, 10:24 AM

— -- A Texas lawyer who calls himself the “Texas Law Hawk” is crashing stereotypes of lawyers by screaming, flag-waving and wheelie-popping his way through a viral ad that has racked up more than 630,000 YouTube views.

Bryan Wilson’s latest ad opens with the young lawyer popping a wheelie on a motorcycle while an American flag montage runs in the background. His voice then pops up screaming his slogan, “Bryan Wilson: Texas Law Hawk,” while a flame shoots up on the screen, and the commercial just gets more outrageous from there.

Wilson, a Texas Tech University School of Law graduate, according to his website, is featured in the commercial next to an eagle and lots of American flags. He wears a mask and impersonates an over-the-top police officer trying to make party-goers take breathalyzer tests.

This is the third commercial posted on YouTube by the lawyer. Wilson told a local news station that his Fort Worth office has fielded “hundreds” of inquiries since the video went live earlier this week. ABC News has not been able to reach Wilson.

Wilson, who said he was given the “Texas Law Hawk” nickname in school, writes on his website that his role models are Judge Judy and Stephen Colbert.