Witness Emerges in Teen Lesbian Couple Shooting

Shooter is described as a white man in his 20s with dark hair.

ByABC News
June 29, 2012, 2:33 PM

June 29, 2012— -- A witness has come forward in the killing of a teenage lesbian couple and told police the shooter was a white man in his 20s with dark hair, police in Portland, Texas, said today.

Molly Olgin, 19, Mary Kristene Chapa, 18, were both shot in the head a week ago in a park in Portland, Texas. Olgin was pronounced dead at the scene. Chapa was taken to a hospital and has since regained consciousness.

A witness to the shooting told police the suspect is a white male in his 20s with dark hair. The suspect is estimated to be 5-foot-8 and weighs approximately 140 pounds, police said in a statement.

The teenagers were found Saturday morning in knee-high grass near a scenic lookout at Violet Andrews Park, police said.

"There continues to be no evidence that the attack was motivated by the victims' sexual orientation," said Portland Police Chief Randy Wright.

The Portland Police Department is being assisted by federal law enforcement agencies, the Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Public Safety.

Several vehicles were at Violet Andrews Park the night of the shooting, according to witnesses. Officers are appealing to anyone who was in the area that night to come forward with any information they may have, no matter how inconsequential it may be seem.

Vigils around the country have been organized for Olgin and Chapa. After Olgin's memorial service today, the community plans to gather at the park in a candlelight show of support for both women.

Mario Olgin, Mollie's father, told ABC News' Corpus Christi affiliate he is hopeful the person who did this to his daughter would be apprehended.

"She was happy," Olgin said. "Justice will be served."