Texas Monthly announces dream job: Taco Editor. (Yes, it's taken.)

PHOTO: Two soft tacos garnished with green salsa.PlaySTOCK PHOTO/Getty Images
WATCH Magazine with Barbecue Editor adds Taco Editor

What's better than spending all day thinking about, writing about and eating tacos?

Getting paid for it.

That's now the privilege of José R. Ralat, a Dallas-based food writer who on Tuesday was named Texas Monthly's first Taco Editor.

"José is one of the foremost experts on tacos in the state and the country," the magazine's executive editor, Kathy Blackwell, wrote in a statement. "We are thrilled to have him join our growing editorial team, and to share with our readers his wealth of knowledge about the amazing variety of foods that can be tucked into a tortilla."

PHOTO: Patrons gather around a taco truck, April 22, 2007, in Fort Worth, Texas. Tribune News Service via Getty Images, FILE
Patrons gather around a taco truck, April 22, 2007, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The magazine noted that Ralat has spent 10 years blogging about tacos and previously had written about the prized foodstuff for the magazine.

This is not the magazine's first cuisine-specific position. Rilat's hiring follows the appointment of Daniel Vaughn as the magazine's barbecue editor earlier in the decade. (Disclosure: I interned at Texas Monthly at the time and pitched in on their barbecue app.)

The market is now wide open for a rival publication to create a Burrito Editor position, as burritos are objectively better than tacos.