Texas Road Rage Incident Caught on Camera

Road rage incident in Texas results in a baseball bat to large pole fight.

January 26, 2016, 7:31 PM

— -- A Texas road rage incident escalated quickly when two men exited their vehicles and began swinging at each other with a baseball bat and what appears to be some sort of large pole.

The cell phone video footage shot by an onlooker shows two men stepping out of their vehicles and engaging in a fight in the middle of a busy intersection in Austin, Texas. The dramatic dispute between the unidentified drivers happened around 12:30 pm on Monday at the intersection of Slaughter Lane and the northbound service road of I-35, according to Officer William Costello of the Austin Police Department, who spoke at a press conference on the incident this afternoon.

The video, which has over 18 million views on YouTube, shows the two men coming out swinging and can be a bit hard to watch at times because they do repeatedly hit each other with large sticks.

Costello said that no charges were filed in the incident. "It's still an open investigation, we're still trying to identify the parties involved."

Going forward, Costello said if you ever witness this kind of an incident, "instead of filming call 911."

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