Texas High School Senior Fined $637 for Cursing At School

Victoria Mullins has a warrant out for her arrest after cussing at a student.

ByABC News
February 2, 2011, 12:01 PM

Feb. 2, 2011 — -- High school senior Victoria Mullins is looking for a second job to help pay off a $637 fine she faces for cursing in class.

Police in Mesquite, Texas, have issued a warrant for the 18-year-old teen's arrest. The fine stems from a speech class gone awry in October of last year.

"I was in class and there was this boy here...he was really loud and obnoxious," Mullins said. "One day he said something to me and it really made me mad."

Mullins cursed at the male student telling him, "you trying to start s*** ," according to court documents.

Mullins' teacher, Michelle Lene, sent her to the principal's office.

"The teacher looked at me, but she didn't say anything," Mullins said. "The principal gave me a lunch detention and told me to watch my mouth and sent me back to class."

The North Mesquite High School student thought that was the end of her punishment, but she was wrong.

Lene told a school police officer that she was offended by the comment, according to a complaint signed by Lene.

When Mullins arrived at her next class, a school police officer handed her a ticket for $340 for disorderly conduct for using abusive language.

Mullins said that her teacher curses in class and that she shouldn't have been faulted for something the teacher does too.

"I don't understand how she could possibly be offended if she does the same thing," Mullins said.

Officials from Mullins' school refused to comment on the case. A spokesperson said that the matter is for the police and courts to resolve.

Mullins tried to switch classes after the incident so she wouldn't have to face Lene, but school officials wouldn't let her, she said.

Mullins entered a not guilty plea in October, according to court records. She tried to submit recordings of her teacher saying inappropriate things, but the court wouldn't allow the recordings because Lene did not know she was being recorded at the time.

The teen's fine has grown to $637 because she failed to show up for a court hearing last November. Mesquite police issued a warrant for her arrest on Jan. 21.

"I didn't have the money to pay for it, so I didn't go," she said.