Thanksgiving feast served to unsuspecting commuters on New York City subway

The feast was prepared and plated to everyone on the Brooklyn-bound train.

November 26, 2019, 12:35 PM

Street performers, dogs in bags and busy commuters are all commonplace on any given subway, but a 15-pound roast turkey with a side of mashed potatoes is a bit more surprising.

A group of unsuspecting subway riders aboard a Canarsie-bound L train in Brooklyn were treated to a full-on Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.

One commuter posted a video of the turkey day-inspired meal and said the people playing host offered a plate to everyone on the train.

The meal appeared to include a biscuit of some kind, potatoes, gravy and of course turkey.

There is still no information on the person(s) behind the elaborate seasonal meal, but the heartwarming moment has garnered an abundance of attention on social media.

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