5 Things to Know This Morning

5 Things to Know This Morning

April 17, 2014— -- Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. See Taylor Swift Surprise a Fan at Her Bridal Shower

When Gena Gabrielle sent Taylor Swift an invite to her bridal shower in Columbus, Ohio, there's no way she could have ever thought the pop icon would show up. But she did and now the "Red" singer, 24, has posted a video of the surprise.

2. Ferry Captain was One of First People to Escape on Lifeboat

The captain of a ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea Wednesday, leaving nearly 300 people missing, is under investigation as a criminal and was one of the first people to escape the doomed vessel, Coast Guard officials said.

3. Armed Robber was Never Told to Report to Prison

After he was convicted of armed robbery in 2000, Cornealious Anderson was sentenced to 13 years behind bars and told to await instructions on when and where to report to prison. But those instructions never came. So Anderson didn't report. He spent the next 13 years turning his life around — getting married, raising three kids, learning a trade. He made no effort to conceal his identity or whereabouts. Anderson paid taxes and traffic tickets, renewed his driver's license and registered his businesses. Not until last year did the Missouri Department of Corrections discover the clerical error that kept him free. Now he's fighting for release, saying authorities missed their chance to incarcerate him.

4. Valerie Harper 'Finally Got a Will' After Cancer Diagnosis

After Valerie Harper received her inoperable cancer diagnosis last March, the actress said it was finally time to put together a last will and testament.

5. 5 Steps to Avoid Getting ‘Hangry’

Your energy is zapped, your stomach is rumbling, and your personality has transformed from level-headed and sweet to short-tempered and snippy. Your hunger has led to anger: You’re officially hangry.