5 Things to Know This Morning

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WATCH World News Now: Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Frantic, Chilling Moments As Tornadoes Slam Southern US
Tornadoes barreled through Alabama and Mississippi on Monday, part of an ongoing storm system that has claimed dozens of lives. Frantic, chilling moments showcase the impact of the twisters. The sky darkened. Rain pounded down. Lighting crashed overhead, visual clues to the approaching storm.

2. What Andrew Garfield Has in Common With Barack Obama
Andrew Garfield told reporters during a Worldwide Orphans event in New York City that "I am absolutely a feminist. I was when I was born. That's just an innate value system I was born with." Having said that, Garfield said he shares that same "feminine" quality with someone else in a position of power - President Obama.

3. The NBA's Options in Dealing With Donald Sterling
What will happen to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who is accused of making racist remarks that have enraged everyone from the NBA Players Association to President Obama?

4. Want to Save the Environment? Eat This Water Bottle
A new edible water bottle may be an environmentally-friendly solution to the millions of plastic bottles that clog America’s landfills each year.

PHOTO: This Ooho edible bottle could potentially replace environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.Courtesy Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez
This Ooho edible bottle could potentially replace environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.

5. A Possible Set List for Jay Z and Beyonce's 'On the Run Tour'
Jay Z and Beyonce have announced that they'll be touring together for the "On the Run Tour" beginning this summer. Rumors had been wild all month that the super couple would be touring together for the first time. They took the stage together in February for the DIRECTV Super Bowl Party in New York City, as well as the Grammy Awards.The question that immediately followed the announcement was "What will they perform together?"