5 Things to Know This Morning

5 Things to Know This Morning

— -- Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

One dad is warming hearts all over world after sharing a tear-jerking letter he wrote to his daughter, following her long-awaited wedding day.

"Everything that's in that letter I've already said to her before," Paul Daugherty of Cincinnati told ABC News. "The response has been exactly what I hoped it would be, parents pretty much saying, 'We've have the same worries you had and we are just overjoyed that this worked out for her.

"When you have a child with a disabilities, all you want to hear for the first few days is that everything's going to be OK. We didn't have that. We had people telling us all the things Jillian could not do and we through that all of that in the trash."

2. Woman Charged With Falsifying Report Amid Manhunt for Fox Lake Cop Killers

A woman was charged this morning with falsifying a report about suspicious men near the Illinois town where a police officer was shot and killed, authorities said.

3. Another Gay Kentucky Couple Denied Marriage License by Controversial Clerk

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis defended her decision when Robbie Blankenship and Jesse Cruz tried to get a marriage license.

She said she was "not discriminating because I'm not issuing marriage licenses to anybody."

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said fellow Republican Jeb Bush should speak English in the United States, another comment likely to spark controversy in light of the millions of U.S. citizens who speak dozens of other languages nationwide.

“I like Jeb; he’s a nice man,” the real estate mogul told Breitbart News, which has been confirmed by ABC News. “But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

The first toys from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" have been revealed, and they included some biggies like the Jedi Master Lightsaber and Poe's X-Wing.

Aside from the movie's premier in December, Wednesday was the day "Star Wars" fans had been waiting for -- time to unbox some new toys!