Toddler celebrating being cancer-free by dancing with dad will brighten your day

Keep moving, Kristian!

A 2-year-old leukemia survivor from New Jersey celebrated 11 months of being cancer-free with an adorable dance with his dad.

Feel-good footage shared on Instagram by motivational speaker and dancer Kenny "Clutch" Thomas on Saturday shows him and his young son Kristian busting a move to commemorate the milestone.

"11 months cancer free!! If we can do it you can do it," Thomas wrote alongside the heartwarming clip.

Thomas previously shared videos of Kristian showing off his moves after his inspiring recovery, remarking on how much "this boy loves dance!"

"Sometimes you have to take your enemies to Church!!" the toddler's father said about the cancer battle in another post, as the pair shared another day-brightening dance.

Keep moving, Kristian!