Toddler Slams SUV Into Virginia Automotive Shop

The toddler reportedly climbed out of her car seat and put the car in neutral

— -- A two-year-old girl in Virginia escaped with no injuries after she put her mother’s car in neutral, cruised through four lanes of traffic and crashed the car head-on into an automotive shop.

“I was just sitting behind my desk and all of a sudden heard a tremendous boom and jumped up to check and an SUV had hit the wall of the building,” Tony Price, the manager of Adam’s Automotive, told ABC News today.

The crash happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday after the toddler’s mother, who was not identified, went in to pay at a gas station across the road from the auto shop.

“As soon as I looked out the window, the mom was at the vehicle and was scooping the daughter out,” Price said.

The road that the toddler crossed in her mom’s Ford Expedition includes four lanes of traffic that, miraculously, did not have any traffic at that time.

“Nobody hit it. No one had to avoid it. It was amazing,” said Price.

The mother told police officers and Price that her daughter managed to get out of her car seat and put the car in neutral, which then caused the Expedition to drift across the usually-busy road.

No charges were filed in the incident according to both Price and local ABC affiliate WRIC.

Calls placed to the Chesterfield Police Department by ABC News were not returned as of this writing.

The toddler emerged from the crash with only a slight bruise on her face, according to Price.

His business, however, received what he described as “extensive damage.”

“We’re getting estimates on it today,” Price said.