Top Administration Official Denounces 'Language of Hate' Permeating Election

Commerce Sec. Penny Pritzker denounces hate speech permeating election cycle.

She delivered a somber speech to a large crowd, retelling the story of her family’s personal struggle with anti-Semitism, following a processional by the U.S. Army band and the presentation of colors by the 3rd U.S. Infantry.

"I do not think a holocaust is happening in America, but I do worry about what is happening when we betray our principles of inclusion,” she said, taking a broad swipe at the rising intolerance the nation is facing. "You cannot tolerate discrimination against others. We are a country that celebrates the dignity of difference.”

Pritzker, who is Jewish, went on to say the current rhetoric being spewed throughout the election cycle is becoming increasingly anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim. While she didn't explicitly mention any candidates by name, her message was poignant and clear.

“Today, in our beloved United States, we are witnessing a rising fear of the other,” she said. “We are better than the language of hate. America is not the tribe of folded arms.”