Tornadoes Tear Through Texas

Twisters carved trail of destruction through north Texas.

April 3, 2012— -- intro: A devastating storm system barreled through north Texas today, leaving behind overturned tractor-trailers and roofless houses. Funnel clouds sent debris flying and left residents in the area without power.

quicklist: 1 category: title: Funnel Clouds Touch Down url: text: Twisters carve path of destruction through north Texas.

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quicklist: 2 category: title: 'Get in the House!' url: text: Brandy Kemps shouts at a friend as sirens warn of approaching tornado.

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quicklist: 3 category: title: Tractor-Trailers Fly url: text: Powerful twisters toss large trucks through the air.

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quicklist: 4 category: title: Hail Pounds Drivers url: text: Drivers seeking shelter from powerful wind and rain pull into a gas station.

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quicklist: 5 category: title: Tractor-Trailers Knocked Over url: text: Flattened and crumpled trailers litter the area in the aftermath of twisters.

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quicklist: 6 category: title: Roofs Ripped Off Buildings url: text: Homes and buildings damaged in aftermath of powerful twisters.

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