TSA adding additional agents, canine teams ahead of projected record summer air travel season

Experts predict 234 million passengers will travel on U.S. airlines this summer.

Last summer -- which saw just 224.8 million travelers, or 9.3 million fewer than are expected this summer -- hours-long lines snarled checkpoints across the country, sparking outrage among passengers and airlines alike.

Accordingly, the TSA has bulked up their workforce by 2,000 additional officers and 50 more canine teams, compared to last summer.

So what's driving the influx of travelers?

“Rising U.S. GDP, a steadily improving economy, all-time high household net worth and low airfares are fueling the expected growth in summer air travel,” A4A Vice President John Heimlich said in a statement. “We continue to see consumers value experiences and travel, and airlines are responding accordingly."