Uber Rolls Out Autonomous Car Technology in Pittsburgh

PHOTO: Uber is rolling out a fleet of "self-driving" cars in Pittsburgh with level 3 autonomy. Select riders in Pittsburgh could be paired with one of these vehicles.
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WATCH Uber Rolls Out Autonomous Car Technology in Pittsburgh

Uber is introducing its new fleet of "self-driving" cars today in Pittsburgh, ready to take riders wherever they need to go.

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The cars are equipped with level 3 autonomy -- cars capable of accelerating, braking and steering under certain conditions but requiring human drivers poised to intervene if the technology fails -- allowing some Pittsburgh commuters the chance at a "hands-free" ride.

The rides are opt-in only, free of charge, and will have a human behind the wheel. The vehicles are equipped with 20 cameras, seven lasers, three inertial measurement units and radar covering 360 degrees, according to the company.

Uber says Pittsburgh is the perfect pilot city. Pittsburgh's terrain -- with narrow, winding streets and unpredictable weather -- creates an optimal test ground, according to Uber.

The self-driving Ubers are invite only to select group of "loyal" Pittsburgh passengers. When they request an UberX between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. they could be paired with one of the new vehicles.