67 new cases of coronavirus confirmed on cruise ship that has quarantined Americans

The news comes amid the first coronavirus-related death in Europe.

Sixty-seven new cases of coronavirus were confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise ship Saturday, as the U.S. government is set to evacuate Americans who have been quarantined since last week.

A statement from Princess Cruises on the new cases said the cruise line is following guidance from Japan's Ministry of Health on plans for "disembarkation protocols to provide medical care" for those infected. Five of the new cases involve American citizens.

A letter from the U.S. Embassy Tokyo was sent to passengers on the ship Friday, informing them that they'll have the opportunity to leave the ship soon. More than 3,000 passengers and crew members were put under quarantine when dozens of fellow passengers began testing positive.

Once the aircraft arrives, passengers and their belongings will be bused from the ship to the planes. There, passengers will be screened for symptoms to see if they are able to fly home or must remain in Japan.

"We are working with our Japanese partners to ensure that any symptomatic passengers receive the required care in Japan if they cannot board the flight," the letter said.

There are around 400 Americans on board the Diamond Princess.

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the government is working with the U.S. on the disembarkation of the passengers.

"The Government of Japan believes that the measures taken by the U.S. Government will help mitigate the Government of Japan’s burden regarding medical response in the 'Diamond Princess' and appreciates such measures," the statement read.

The plane with evacuated passengers will land at Travis Air Force Base in California, with some passengers continuing to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

Once on the ground, passengers are required to undergo to be quarantined for 14 days, officials said.

"We understand this is frustrating and an adjustment, but these measures are consistent with the careful policies we have instituted to limit the potential spread of the disease," the letter said.

If passengers on board the Diamond Princess choose not to be evacuated, the U.S. government said they would be "unable to return to the United States for a period of time."

Since the Diamond Princess arrived at the port of Yokohama in Japan on Feb. 3, at least 285 people on board have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the first coronavirus death in Europe was reported Saturday in France.

"I was informed last night of the death of the 80-year-old patient who had been hospitalized at the Bichât hospital (Paris) since Jan. 25, and who had a coronavirus pulmonary infection," French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said at a press conference Saturday morning. "He had been hospitalized at Bichât hospital with strict isolation ... His condition had deteriorated rapidly and he had been in critical condition for several days in intensive care."

Buzyn said the victim's daughter was also admitted, but her health isn't cause for concern and she should be released soon. France has 11 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, according to Buzyn.

"We must prepare our health system to face a possible pandemic diffusion of the virus and, therefore a circulation of the virus on the national territory," she said.

The coronavirus, which has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization, has spread rapidly in the China.

As of midnight Friday, there are 66,491 coronavirus cases in mainland China, with 2,641 new cases reported in the last day. There have also been 1,523 coronavirus-related deaths in the country.

More than 67,000 people have been infected globally.

In the U.S., there are only 15 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.

ABC News' Conor Finnegan, Ibtissem Guenfoud, Morgan Winsor, Erin Schumaker and Ella Torres contributed to this report.