Utah boy captured on camera stopping bike to say Pledge of Allegiance

PHOTO: Wyatt Warner, 8, a second-grader in Utah, was captured on surveillance video pausing during playtime outside to say the Pledge of Allegiance on Memorial Day.PlayABC News
WATCH Young boy displays true American patriotism

Wyatt Warner takes his patriotism very seriously.

The 8-year-old who lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, was captured on surveillance video recently taking a pause during playtime to say the Pledge of Allegiance in front of a flag hanging from a neighbor's house.

Wyatt's mother, Jami Warner, said neighbor Emily Zarr had shared the video with her June 2.

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Wyatt, a rising third-grader, told ABC News he was riding his electric motorcycle on his way to see whether a best friend could play when he came across the flag.

"I thought about all the people that died for our country and the troops," he said today. "And I once saw ISIS stepping and burning our flag and I got really mad. ... I knew they were bad people and I knew they hate Americans."

Wyatt said that in school, he said the pledge every morning. He said he enjoyed learning about U.S. history and had wanted to do something for those who fight for U.S. freedom.

"I just wanted to support our Americans," he said. "So if they have to fight ISIS, they can have some support."

ABC News' Susan Schwartz and Kendyl Murtaugh contributed to this story.