Vermont Stunt Pilot Parachutes Out of Plane Before Fiery Crash

He landed about a mile from the wreckage.

April 19, 2014— -- A veteran stunt pilot is thankful to be alive after surviving a fiery plane crash by parachuting out of the aircraft just before it crashed onto an interstate near Burlington, Vermont.

Dan Marcotte, an airplane mechanic who has also worked as a stunt pilot for 10 years, was flying the single-engine plane when "something catastrophically broke and interfered with the controls."

“I'm fortunate and my family is fortunate that I'm here,” he said.

Marcotte said that at some point a loud explosion ripped through the plane and debris pulled the canopy off it.

Although Marcotte was able to escape with minor injuries, he needed help from rescuers after he became stuck in trees about a mile from the wreckage.

“[I] wasn’t hurt a bit, may have a couple of bruises on my shins,” said Marcotte. “Most of us in the industry do expect things like this would happen so we prepare for it.“

Tale of Harrowing Plane Crash Captured on Video

On Marcotte’s Facebook page for Dan Marcotte Airshows, a post updated fans on his condition.

“As you can see from pictures Dan spent some time hanging out in a tree (which was a welcomed place to ‘land’ after missing a grid of power lines in the immediate area,” read the post. “Practice High, Know your Egress Routine, Fly Safe, and NEVER GIVE UP!”

In spite of the fiery crash on the interstate no drivers were hurt, said Vermont State Police.

Marcotte said the crash won’t deter him from getting back into a cockpit.

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