Video captures bear raiding the fridge as family frantically dials 911

A bear got trapped inside a California home -- and made itself right at home.

A hungry bear caused some tense moments for a Northern California family after getting trapped inside their house — and making itself right at home.

The bear entered the Truckee, California, home through a garage door, which then shut behind the furry intruder. A Nest surveillance camera captured the bear's stroll through the kitchen and living room.

A teenager in the house discovered the bear and used an Apple Watch to call 911.

Things turned frightening when the teen and a friend had to hold a door closed as the bear tried to pry its way in.

"There are scratch marks on the door, and the bear bumped up against it," one of the teens inside the house told ABC News affiliate KXTV. "That was the scariest moment of our life."

The bear consumed two pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and "took our taco meat from the fridge and ate it on the couch."

A deputy soon arrived and allowed the bear to escape by opening a door.

No one was injured, though the family said the bear left a "big present" on the carpet that four local carpet cleaning services declined to deal with.