Video Catches Alleged Attempted Kidnapping of 4-Year-Old in California Store

Witnesses said he walked away with the girl, who tried to escape from his grip.

— -- Surveillance video shows a man grabbing a 4-year-old girl from inside a store in Southern California allegedly attempting to kidnap her, while she was with her mother and infant sibling.

The mother and her two children can be seen walking into the store together on Friday, July 1, the infant girl in the mother's arms and the older daughter at her side.

Victorville, California police said that subsequently, alleged kidnapper, 24-year-old Terry Ransom, entered the store and grabbed the young girl who was standing by the main entrance. Ransom attempted to get away with the 4-year-old, but police said the child tried to escape causing him to lose his grip on her just outside of the store.

Witnesses told police they could hear the mother screaming as they saw Ransom running away from the scene of the crime, and the several people nearby who heard the mother screaming chased after him. Deputies who responded to the incident searched the surrounding area and found Ransom nearby. Officials said he was detained without incident and evaluated at a local hospital. He was later booked at the High Desert Detention Center and charged with kidnapping and child cruelty. He is scheduled to appear in court later today.

Police said the child was scared, but did not appear to suffer any physical injuries.

The store where the incident occurred did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment. The child and mother have not been identified.