Video shows SUV mowing down home's Christmas decorations, blindsiding 12-foot snowman

The vehicle completely took out a 12-foot inflatable snow man, video shows.

Police are searching for the driver of an SUV seen plowing through Christmas decorations in front of an Indiana home.

Surveillance video taken from a neighbor's home and obtained by ABC Indianapolis affiliate WRTV shows a man getting out of his midsize SUV and walking up to the home in Greenwood, about 15 miles south of Indianapolis, and walking up to the Christmas display, appearing to take a closer look.

The man then gets back into the vehicle before jumping the curb in pursuit of a 12-foot snowman standing to the side of the house, the video shows.

The driver heads straight for his target, knocking the snowman down and dragging it for a few feet before continuing into the next door neighbor's yard and eventually driving back onto the street, narrowly missing a mailbox.

Resident Casie Arnold, 37, told WRTV that she and her family were sitting on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie when they heard a "big pop."

When Arnold and her husband ran outside to investigate, they saw their deflated snow man and tire tracks in their yard, she said.

The incident happened on Dec. 9 around 8:30 p.m., according to an incident report from the Greenwood Police Department.

One of Arnold's neighbors provided the surveillance footage to police, according to the report. The man in the video is described as a white male wearing a dark hoodie, and the SUV is described as a dark-colored Chevrolet Tahoe from the early 2000s, police said.

No suspect has been identified, a spokesman for the police department told ABC News.

While the snowman only cost $100, Arnold said she felt "unsafe" and "violated" after the act of vandalism.

But, Arnold said she's mostly concerned about safety, because several young children live in the neighborhood, including her own, and other residents have reported similar incidents.

"It's very disturbing to see someone pull in front of your house, get out of the car, look at the scene -- kind of look around with intention to do damage," Arnold said.