Funeral Home's New Harley Hearse Is a Hit

Owner says motorcycle gives families unique option.

— -- A group of Virginia funeral homes introduced a Harley hearse to give customers a unique way to say goodbye to loved ones.

Michael Turch, who owns three funeral homes in Alexandria and Dale City, says customers are over the moon about the new service. In the three weeks since he's introduced the motorcycle hearse, two families have used it.

"When I pull in the parking lot, people will literally turn around and drive into our parking lot and take pictures," Turch said. "I've been here 24 years and no one has ever stopped me with any of my other hearses and said, 'Hey, when I go, I want to ride in this.'"

"We had a family about six years that had one -- they found it on their own," he said. "And over the years, everyone would comment, hey, remember when you had that motorcycle hearse? So that resonated with me."

It's not the first motorcycle hearse -- Turch estimates there are about 50 in the U.S., but says the response in his part of Virginia has been "fantastic."

"Nobody's going to remember the box or the urn years from now, but if you create a meaningful ceremony they'll remember that," he said.