Wambach on DUI Arrest: 'The Truth Will Come Out'

The soccer star admits the last couple of days have been hard since her arrest.

— -- Soccer superstar Abby Wambach said at some point soon the truth will come out regarding her DUI arrest over weekend.

Her first public remarks came Tuesday evening during an event at the University of Kentucky, where she spoke to the students about her life on and off the field.

"I know you guys want to know all about what happened a couple of nights ago, it's unfortunately an ongoing case and I'm not really allowed to talk about the details," Wambach said at the school's Memorial Hall. "I will at some point completely be transparent and the truth will come out. Trust me on that. I hope I am good on my word for that."

Wambach was arrested Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, after she was pulled over for allegedly running a red light, according to local police, who said an officer "observed signs that she was under the influence of alcohol."

Police said after she failed the field sobriety tests she was put into custody and was taken to the Central Precinct where she then failed a breath test.

Wambach has since pleaded not guilty to the charge but admitted to the crowd that the last few days have been challenging.

"I’m a human being and of course the last couple of days have been hard," Wambach said during the presser.

"There is going to a be a time and a place for every conversation to be had for me to talk about my life and to give teachable moments to these students tonight is something I am very grateful for and I couldn't thank UK enough for having me."