Watch Another Heated Traffic Stop Made by Cop Accused of Killing Samuel DuBose

PHOTO: Officer Ray Tensing is seen in this undated police photo.PlayHamilton County Sheriff's Office
WATCH Police Union Defends Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing

The police officer charged with murdering Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop earlier this month reportedly had another controversial run-in with motorists last year that was caught on video.

The revelation comes as union officials fought to get Ray Tensing's job back. Tensing was fired immediately after he was indicted on murder.

It also came as prosecutors announced that two other officers who responded to DuBose's stop won't face charges after a grand jury declined to indict them. Prosecutors said they were cooperative and their statements matched footage on Tensing's body camera.

In May 2014 -- less than a month after Tensing joined the University of Cincinnati Police Department -- Tensing was engaged in a heated exchange with two men after pulling their car over because he said their bumper was dragging, according to ABC affiliate WCPO in Cincinnati.

In the encounter, Tensing asks the passenger, Demetrius Pace, for his name and birthday. When Pace provided his name, but refused to give his birthday, Tensing said he'd charge him with refusing to identify, WCPO said.

Tensing tells Pace to get out of the car, according to the video, and Pace says, "What's the charge?"

"Step out of the car," Tensing says. Pace asks, "What am I stepping out of the car for?" and Tensing replies, "Because I asked you to."

Later in the video, Pace and the driver, Sexton Henley, request a supervisor. They claimed they were being harassed, detained without being told why and not being let go, according to the video.

Pace asks Tensing, "Are we free to go? Can you write the ticket so we can go?"

Tensing responds, "You're not free to go right now."

"What are we doing then?" Pace asks, and Tensing says, "You're being detained right now."

Tensing tells them, "You guys wanted a supervisor?" and Pace said, "It don't matter."

Pace and Henley also ask Tensing for his name and tell him they are recording the incident, according to the video that WCPO broadcast.

When the shift supervisor arrived, the driver, Henley, was given an equipment violation ticket for the bumper, according to WCPO.

The passenger, Pace, later told WCPO, "I shouldn't have even been questioned."

"He [Tensing] should have dealt specifically with the driver," Pace said.

According to WCPO, the Cincinnati Police Department is investigating whether a complaint was filed from Pace and Henley's incident or any other traffic stops made by Tensing.

PHOTO: Officer Ray Tensing is seen in this undated police photo.Hamilton County Sheriffs Office
Officer Ray Tensing is seen in this undated police photo.

On Wednesday, Tensing, 25, was indicted on one count of murder and one count of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of the unarmed DuBose at a traffic stop July 19.

DuBose apparently refused to provide a driver's license, produced an open alcohol bottle and a struggle ensued, police said. According to the police report, "Officer Tensing said he was being dragged by the vehicle and had to fire his weapon."

A video released by the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office shows the shooting from Tensing's body camera. A second video released by the Prosecutor's Office -- from the body camera of an arriving officer -- shows Tensing lying in the road before he gets up to run toward DuBose's crashed car. Neither video appears to show Tensing being dragged as he has told investigators, according to a police report and his radio call.

In the official interviews from the other two officers -- who aren't facing charges -- "neither officer said that they had seen Tensing being dragged," according to Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Deters.

On Thursday Tensing pleaded not guilty to murder and involuntary manslaughter.

He posted $100,000 cash bond. If Tensing is convicted on all charges, he faces life in prison.