At Least 6 Weather-Related Deaths in the Midwest Since Friday

A weather system that created havoc in California and Nevada moved east.

— -- Six deaths have been reported in parts of the Midwest as below-freezing weather and ice created havoc this weekend for travelers.

Five of the six deaths were vehicle-related. Two of the vehicle-related deaths occurred in Kansas, one of them took place in Oklahoma, and two more took place in Missouri, according to authorities in those states.

The sixth death took place in Missouri, and was called simply "weather related" by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Ice-slicked roads created inconveniences for drivers who opted to go out despite pleas by authorities to stay put, according to The Associated Press.

Build-ups of ice that were one-quarter to slightly less than a half inch thick were spotted in parts of southeastern Kansas to central Missouri, the AP reported.

Drone footage posted to YouTube on Saturday by user Mike Camden showed the city of Hillsboro, Missouri, covered in what looks like a layer of fine white frost. The trees and patches of grass captured in Camden's video appear to be frozen stiff, and very few people can be seen braving the weather.

The game was scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. but now will start at 8:20 p.m ET, ESPN reported.

In the South, three people died as a result of vehicle crashes in rainy Arkansas. All three deaths were caused by wet roadways, according to the Arkansas State Police.