White Separatist and Dylann Roof Sympathizer Calls Him a 'Victim'

Matt Heimbach, 24, believes the United States would be better off segregated.

“Dylan Roof is a victim in regards to he was a white man born to a society that actively hates him and hates his people, hates his culture and his identity,” Matt Heimbach told “Nightline” in an interview Monday.

“There is a culture war being waged. There is a war on the streets against whites,” he added.

But Heimbach refuses to blame his ideology for the violence caused by someone who may be a like-minded individual.

“The left that persecutes and hates white culture, white identity and the Christian faith, they are the ones that are responsible because you will push individuals only so long before they react,” he said. “You cannot step on an individual forever before they decide that they are going to bite back and that’s what we see.”

Heimbach said he found his way into the white separatist movement through his love of history, taking part in Civil War re-enactments as a Confederate soldier.

Heimbach, too, has a fondness for the Confederate flag. A graduate of Towson University in Maryland, Heimbach founded a controversial student group on campus called the White Student Union while he was a student in 2012, and launched a nationwide campaign to spread his beliefs. He has since made a name for himself speaking on the white supremacy circuit at various conventions.

“White people are waking up,” he said. “White people are reacting and I pray and hope that they come and join me through this struggle politically.”