Whitney Heichel: Barista Disappeared During Five Minute Drive to Work

VIDEO: Whitney Heichels husband and police try to make sense of clues in "suspicious" disappearance.PlayABCNEWS.com
WATCH Oregon Woman Disappears en Route to Work

The disappearance of an Oregon woman during her five minute commute to work is being called "suspicious" by investigators.

Whitney Heichel, 21, was last heard from on Tuesday when she kissed her husband goodbye and left for work at Starbucks.

The barista never showed up for her 7 a.m. shift.

Clint Heichel reported his wife was missing at 9:56 a.m. after Whitney's supervisor alerted him that she did not show up work.

"We are calling it a suspicious disappearance," Lt. Claudio Grandjean, spokesperson for the Gresham Police Department, told ABCNews.com. "Everybody is being considered a suspect until we have a suspect."

Volunteers handing out missing person flyers discovered Heichel's black Ford Explorer abandoned in a Walmart parking lot hours after her disappearance. The passenger side window had been shattered, Grandjean said.

Authorities also confirmed Heichel's SUV was at an area gas station when her ATM card was used.

Clint Heichel told ABC News' Portland affiliate KATU his wife's bank card had also been used at another gas station minutes after, however police have only confirmed one charge.

"One at 9:22 and then one at about 9:30, which was kind of odd – both for gas eight minutes apart," Heichel said.

A team of 15 to 20 detectives will continue to follow-up on leads today, Grandjean said.

Whitney Heiche is 5-foot-2 and 120-pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call the Gresham Police Tip Line at (503) 618-2719.