Wife hits husband on plane with laptop, video shows

The couple was eventually removed from the flight, police said.

An American Airlines passenger was captured on cellphone video smacking her husband with his laptop as their flight prepared to takeoff, police said.

The scene unfolded on Sunday as the plane was about to leave Miami International Airport on its way to Los Angeles.

Video shot by a passenger shows the woman, identified by police as Tiffany McLemore, striking her husband with the laptop after an expletive-filled argument between the couple.

In the video, the woman can be heard swearing at her husband while a group of flight attendants try to contain the situation, with one pointing out to McLemore that a young child was seated behind the couple.

"You're out of control," the husband told his wife before attendants asked him to move to another seat. As he was walking down the aisle, his wife appears to hit him with the laptop.

No serious injuries were reported in the incident, officials said.

The couple was eventually removed from the flight. Police told ABC Miami affiliate WPLG that McLemore's husband was uncooperative and did not want to press charges. The airline rebooked him on another flight but would not rebook McLemore.

"We thank the American crew who worked quickly to defuse the situation," the airline said in a statement. "Their actions resulted in a safe environment for all of our passengers."