Window Washers Dress Up as Superheroes to Delight Young Hospital Patients

The kids faces "lit up" when they saw Superman out their window.

— -- The young patients at the University of Missouri Children's hospital were thrilled yesterday when they looked out their windows and saw superheroes flying in the air, washing their windows.

"No matter what they were there for their faces lit up once they saw them through the windows," Stephanie Baehman of MU Healthcare told ABC News today, "We had one little boy who got to go home yesterday morning, he was 5, but he said 'Not before I meet those superheroes.'"

Baehman said that before the workers went out to do the windows, the kids met with the superheroes in the playroom, and for those who could not leave their beds, the superheroes came to their rooms, so no kid was left out. The superheroes signed autographs and took pictures with the kids.

"They were thrilled, their faces just lit up. It was for the kids but you could see the relief on the parents' faces when the kids were loving it."

Baehman said that they initially approached the fire department, whose members were hesitant, but when they brought the idea to Class Glass, they ran with it.

"We approached them with it and the window washers were just as excited and thrilled to do it," Baehman said, "They ordered their own costumes from the internet."


Justin Hess, owner of Class Glass, told ABC News today, "I've always been a comic book geek.... It didn't take much convincing."

Hess added that all the kids faces "lit up" when they saw Hess and his crew.

"Some were bashful, some were a little skeptical. They would peak around corners and stuff, which was cute, but I told them I had x-ray vision and I could see through the walls, so they better just come up and talk to us," Hess, who dressed as Superman, said.