Woman Admitted Tampering With Kayak Before Fiance's Death, Prosecutors Say

Angelika Graswald has been charged with second-degree murder.

— -- The New York woman accused of killing her fiancé has admitted to tampering with his kayak, offering him no assistance while he struggled to survive and may have been motivated by money, according to prosecutors.

Police initially said it appeared that Graswald tried to help Viafore, but then charged her two weeks after the incident.

His body has not yet been found.

Prosecutors said Graswald also told police that she watched Viafore struggle in the Hudson’s icy waters for several minutes before he went under.

Prosecutors said Graswald admitted to New York State Police it “felt good knowing that he was going to die,” and implied that “this was her only way out."

Graswald’s motive, as alleged by prosecutors, was two life insurance policies that could benefit her for a total of about $250,000. Graswald even “talked about what she could possibly do with the money," prosecutors said.

Graswald’s lawyer said he plans to challenge the alleged confessions.

“We’re going to find out whether they indeed happened, whether they were voluntary or forced," Graswald’s attorney, Richard Portale, said of the alleged confessions reported by prosecutors. "And it’s all going to come out."

Graswald has not yet entered a plea. Her bail has been set at $3 million.