Woman's brother calls 911 after she said she gave birth in the shower

A 911 dispatcher took the call about the baby born 10 days before his due date.

— -- It’s a beginning parents remember forever -- the day a child is born. But for one Indiana woman, it didn’t go exactly how she had planned.

On Sunday, Bryley Jones went to the hospital ready to deliver her bundle of joy, after she thought she was experiencing contractions. But she said doctors sent her back home, saying it wasn't quite time yet.

At home, she said she didn't realize how much the labor had progressed.

"I had contractions and was in labor all night and didn’t even realize it," Jones told ABC affiliate WAWV in Terre Haute. "My back hurt a lot but it didn’t really register to me."

By the next morning, everything had changed. Her baby decided to make his grand entrance without any further delay; he was born while Jones said she was alone, taking a shower.

Patrick Jones, her brother, was in the home and called 911.

"I need an ambulance to North Ledgerwood Street Carlisle, Indiana, as soon as possible," Patrick Jones told the Sullivan County 911 dispatcher, who asked what was happening. "My sister just had her baby in the shower."

On the other end of the call was 911 operator Eric Cox, who had received several storm related calls that morning and admits he wasn’t expecting this one.

"In my 18 years here, that is the first time I have actually had someone have a baby that was on the phone with me," he said. "I was just focused on helping him and making sure everything was okay."

Jones made it back to the hospital, but this time she was with her son, little Mathue Christopher Vest, who arrived 10 days early.

"And just three months later, we found out we were pregnant with him," she said.

Though the new mother is grateful for all the help she received after the unexpected delivery, she says it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

"There is a bit of a shock value behind having a baby in the shower, in the middle of the snow storm," she said.