Woman Allegedly Sold Newborn Baby for $15K

Delaware mom of three allegedly sold newborn for $15,000.

ByABC News
October 5, 2011, 12:21 PM

Oct. 5, 2011 — -- A Delaware mother of three is charged with trying to sell her newborn son for $15,000 because she didn't want another child and wanted to go to Disney World, according to police.

Bridget Wismer, 33, allegedly agreed to give her infant son to John Gavaghan, 54, of Philadelphia who would falsely sign the birth certificate as the father and then raise the child as his own. Wismer's grandmother first alerted police to the scheme, according to New Castle, Del., police documents.

Both subjects are charged with "dealing in children" and second degree conspiracy and face up to seven years in prison.

Wismer, who is unemployed and lives with her mother, told ABC affiliate WPVI Tuesday that the charges were all a big misunderstanding and no crime had taken place. She said Gavaghan is an old friend who was trying to help her with her three children.

"He told me he'd help me out and he was like, 'We'll take care of the baby together,'" Wismer said.

"He was going to raise the baby and give the baby a life that I couldn't give because of my situation," Wismer said. "He was just looking out for me and the baby. We both just love this baby so much."

But police say they found multiple contract-like documents in Gavaghan's home that spell out a payment schedule for the sale.

In a signed affidavit obtained by ABC News from New Castle County Court, police state that Wismer's grandmother contacted them on Sept. 4, to report that Wismer had sold her newborn child to a gay couple for $15,000 because she did not want the child and wanted to go to Disney World. According to the document, the two arranged the deal in August for an expected Sept. 11 delivery, though the baby was actually born on Aug. 31.

Police obtained video surveillance from nearby Delaware Park Racetrack which shows Gavaghan signing documents pertaining to the sale of the baby and providing a female with cash and a money order on Sept. 3, four days after the child's birth.

Police then found those documents while searching Gavaghan's home, the affidavit states. When questioned, Gavaghan allegedly admitted to the agreement and told police that he placed his name on the birth certificate despite never having sex with Wismer.

In a later interview, Wismer also admitted to the agreement, according to the documents.

The child is currently in foster care. Wismer was released on $1,500 bond and Gavaghan was released on $7,000 bond and ordered to have no contact with the victim.