Woman playing 'Pokemon Go' finds missing man with dementia in park

The woman was making her daily stop at the park when she found the man.

But on Friday, Hines came across a stranger who seemed in need of help. Hines passed the elderly man, waving due to his Navy baseball cap. Hines herself is a Navy veteran.

"As I turned the corner, everything in my being said, ‘Stop, turn this car around and go check on him,'" she told WCPO.

Hines went back and spoke to the man, who told her his name -- Homer Howard. But he was very surprised to find out he wasn't even in his home state anymore.

"I said, ‘Do you know you're in Kentucky?'" Hines said.

Maineville is 30 miles northeast of Covington, and it's still unclear how Howard made his way so far south after being reported missing by his daughters, Tammy Richardson and Tonya Geringer, 24 hours earlier.

"Lots of thoughts went through my mind," Richardson said. "I just had to stop them. I just had to keep hoping, praying and waiting until we heard from him."

Howard returned home to his daughters on Friday evening and Hines said she hopes she can take him to dinner soon.

"I'm very grateful for 'Pokemon Go,'" she said. "My goodness. What I loved about it is, when I played its it got me out in the community. It was a social game. Today, it saved a man's life."