Woman rescued from icy waters after falling in while fishing

The woman could be heard pleading for help on video that captured the rescue.

Dramatic bodycam footage captured a woman being pulled to safety after she slipped and fell into icy waters while fishing in Michigan.

Deputies with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office can be seen rushing to the woman, who had been almost entirely submerged for about 15 minutes, according to a statement from the sheriff's office.

Two nearby fishermen who heard her fall can be seen holding her arms up to "prevent her from slipping underwater and surely drowning," the sheriff's office said.

"Help me. I'm numb," she can be heard pleading. "I'm completely numb. I'm stuck."

The sheriff's office said when the officer did reach her, she couldn't move her body at all.

The woman identified herself as Korisa Miller to ABC Detroit affiliate WXYZ.

"I just know I didn’t want to die," she told the station.

Miller was fishing with a friend on Monday afternoon when she tried to stand up on the dock and lost her footing, falling into the water, according to the sheriff's office.

Her friend tried to help her out, but was unable to and called authorities while the two fishermen held onto Miller.

Miller told WXYZ that everything happened within seconds.

"By the time, [my friend] got to me I was already down in the water and the water was up to my chin," she told the station.

The temperature of the water at the time of her fall was 36 degrees, officials said. While she had a hoodie on initially, it was removed once it started floating around her neck so that it wouldn't choke her, according to WXYZ.

Miller said she was grateful for all involved in saving her life. The sheriff's office took the opportunity to teach best practices for anyone who falls into freezing water.

Among the many tips, authorities warned the public not to panic and get control of their breathing, hold on to something to stay as still as possible, get as much as their body out of the water as possible, and always fish with a partner.