Woman's Beloved Dog Apparently Stolen From Home During Alleged Burglary

Greta Pittenger came home to find her cuddly and playful dog gone.

When Greta Pittenger came home Wednesday night, she was surprised that her sweet, playful pit bull mix, 4-year-old Maci, didn't rush to the door to greet her, she told ABC News.

Instead, when she walked into the living room, she found a mess all over her floor.

"Somebody had obviously been inside the house while I was gone," Pittenger, 27, told ABC News today.

Then she noticed the front door was broken and Maci and her leash were gone.

"I started to panic, running through our pretty small house, trying to see if she was hiding somewhere," Pittenger said.

Also missing was her computer, her husband's tablet, a jewelry box filled with old family jewelry and a couple of cameras, she said.

But the most devastating part of the apparent break-in was losing Maci.

"I hadn't even really looked around the house to see what was missing," she said. "When I saw [Maci] was gone, that's been my primary concern the last 36 hours."

"We are offering a reward, no questions asked," said Pittenger. "We just really want to have somebody return [Maci]."

"I just worry about where she is, what she's been through," Pittenger said. "I would love to see her back home safe."