5-Year-Old Detroit Girl Dies After Shooting Herself With Grandmother's Gun

The girl was playing with her 1-year-old brother and a 3-year-old neighbor.

— -- A 5-year-old Detroit girl died early Wednesday after shooting herself with her grandmother's gun, according to the Detroit Police Department.

The girl was staying at her grandmother's house on the northwest side of Detroit when she found the gun under a pillow in her grandmother's bedroom, Public Information Officer Jennifer Moreno told ABC News. The girl, her 1-year-old brother and a 3-year-old girl who lived in the neighborhood were playing in the bedroom when the gun went off shortly after midnight, Moreno said.

Police were unable to confirm exactly where the girl sustained a gunshot wound, but confirmed that she fired the weapon.

The girl's grandmother was in the kitchen when the gun went off, Moreno said, and her grandfather was also in the house.

The girl was taken to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The other two children were not injured in the shooting.

Police did not release any names, but ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit identified the girl as Mariah Davis.

It is unclear if the gun was registered legally. Police questioned and released the girl's grandmother, Moreno said.

After the investigation is complete, authorities will present the details of the case to the Detroit District Attorney, who will decide whether to file an arrest warrant, Moreno said.