New York environmental officer rescues injured bald eagle from side of road

The eagle may have been feeding on the side of the road when it was struck.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officer Peter Jackson aided in the rescue after the eagle was found on County Route 24 in Oxbow on Feb. 20, the department wrote in a statement.

The female eagle, estimated to be about 13 years old, had been tagged with a radio transmitter by department biologists in 2008, according to the department.

Officials believe she had been feeding on a carcass along the edge of the road and may have been struck by a car, officials said. Her wing was broken and she was unable to fly when she was discovered by authorities.

The officer used a blanket to secure the bird of prey, which was then transported to the North County Animal Health Center outside Watertown to be treated for its injuries.

The eagle is expected to make a full recovery at the facility and will be released back into the wild, officials said.