New York State Police Rushed to Judgment Charging Woman With Fiance's Death, Attorney Says

Angelika Graswald charged in Vincent Viafore's presumed death.

ByABC News
May 9, 2015, 2:14 PM

— -- New York State Police rushed to judgment when they charged a woman with the murder of her fiance, who disappeared after his kayak capsized last month in the Hudson River, her attorney told ABC News.

Angelika Graswald remained jail today on a charge of second-degree murder. She was arrested last month in connection with the disappearance of Vincent Viafore.

New York State Police say Graswald, 35, and Viafore, 46, both of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., were kayaking on the Hudson River on April 19 when she says rough water and strong winds caused his kayak to overturn.

Graswald called 911, according to police, who initially said that she tried to help him. While trying to help her fiance, she fell out of her kayak, but was later found by a boater and rescued, police said, noting that Graswald was later treated and released from a local hospital for hypothermia.

Nearly two weeks later, police announced they had arrested Graswald and charged her with second-degree murder, citing "inconsistencies" in her story.

"The DA isn't telling what's she's charged with, just that she's indicted," her defense attorney Richard Portale said. "We think she's being held wrongly."

Graswald was remanded to Orange County Jail without bail after her arraignment, police said. The district attorney said a grand jury handed down an indictment, but it hasn't been unsealed and he hasn't officially presented charges.

Portale said he plans to ask a judge to hold a bail hearing next week. Graswald has not yet entered a plea.

Portale said she has set up a FundRazr defense fund to help pay her legal costs as she fights the charges against her.

New York State Police were still searching for Viafore as of last week.