American Lori Berenson Walks Out of Peruvian Prison After 15 Years

Lori Berenson walks out of Peru's Santa Monica prison.

ByABC News
December 7, 2009, 6:55 PM

May 27, 2010— -- An American woman who spent 15 years in harsh Peruvian prisons for conspiring with revolutionaries passed through the security gates and into freedom today.

Lori Berenson, now 40, smiled as she left the Santa Monica prison escorted by her husband, a former inmate who is the father of her 1-year-old son and also her lawyer. The child has been living in the prison with Berenson.

Berenson's parents, who have spent more than $1 million fighting for her release and visiting her in Peru, had left their New York home Wednesday to be with her upon her release.

Berenson's parents brought the child, Salvador, out of the prison separately.

Her sister, Kathy, told how thrilling it was to have the ordeal come to an end.

"After all these years it is a strange, but wonderful feeling," Kathy Berenson said. "You know how if you carry a heavy weight for a really long time and then put it down, your arms feel so light that they are almost floating? Well that's how I'd describe how I've been feeling since I heard the news."

Lori Berenson must remain in Peru until 2015, the completion of her original 20 year prison sentence.

"I can't predict what will happen after 2015.... One of the many things I've learned from the experience of Lori's incarceration is how little ability we really have to predict the future, since you never really know when something completely unexpected, irrational, or inexplicable might happen," Kathy Berenson said.

"I've also learned that it can be overwhelming for prisoners and those close to them to deal with what many years of incarceration might be like," she said.

Berenson was sentenced to prison by hooded judges 15 years ago after her conviction of aiding left wing revolutionaries.

From the age of 27, Berenson lingered in stark prisons in Peru -- 3,629 miles from her family.

"I think what was hardest for me was the knowledge that she was being unjustly deprived of living fully in the prime years of her life," her mother, New York University physics professor Rhoda Berenson, 67, told last year.

"It's been a horror," Mark Berenson. told last December. "Nothing could be worse for a parent."

Berenson gave birth to a son Salvador, now 1, whom she has been raising in prison. Her husband, Anibal Apari, whom she met in prison in 2003, had been released several years ago.

Berenson was a college drop out from MIT when she was arrested in Peru for her militant activities. At the time Peru was in the midst of fighting a vicious guerrilla war with left wing militants.