Do You Think the Arizona Immigration Law Will Survive a Court Challenge?

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ByABC News
July 22, 2010, 8:37 AM

July 22, 2010— -- Arizona's controversial immigration law will be considered by a judge in federal court today, as U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton hears arguments from the federal government, civil rights groups, and lawyers for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

The U.S. Justice Department wants to block the law before it takes effect on July 29th, arguing that the law is unconstitutional and could result in racial profiling.

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"Arizona impermissibly seeks to regulate immigration by creating an Arizona-specific immigration policy that is expressly designed to rival or suppplant that of the federal government," wrote the Justice Department in its brief.

But Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, says the law complements federal immigration laws, without overriding them.

"It is the [Obama administration] that is attempting to impose immigration policies and priorities that contravene and conflict with federal law and unambiguous congressional intent," Brewer's lawyers wrote in court documents.

So, as the court fight gets underway, our question to you today: Do you think the Arizona law will survive a court challenge?

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