As Arizona Law Heads to Court, Has Division Over Illegal Immigration Gone Out of Control?

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July 15, 2010— -- Arizona's new controversial hardline law aimed at combating illegal immigration heads to court today as U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton hears a motion to dismiss one of several lawsuits waged to keep the law from taking effect.

Division over illegal immigration reached its peak Wednesday when an anonymous group released a list in Utah of some 1,300 purported illegal immigrants, including such details as addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and the due dates of pregnant women on the list.

The cover letter that accompanied the list declared, "They need to go -- and go now."

Some on the list have said they're worried about the safety of their families, and state officials are investigating how their personal information got out.

"The immigration debate is at a new level. Now, it's 'We're going to hunt you. We know where you live,'" said Tony Yapias, founder of Utah Latinos.

Utah lawmakers are considering whether to pass a law similar to Arizona's, which allows police to question the immigration status of anyone they suspect is here illegally.

Our question to you today: Has division over the illegal immigration law gone out of control?

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