The Conversation: A Vacation of Adventurous Eating

Diane Sawyer talks with the Navigeaters about traveling the world via food

March 10, 2010— -- Adam Winer and Laura Leu, two young writers living in New York City, had dreams of circling the globe on the way to exotic locales. The reality of their current bank accounts quickly squashed those dreams.

It is a predicament many young people find themselves in, but rather than continue to pine for the beaches of Greece, or the jungles of Brazil, Winer and Leu set out to enjoy these far-away countries the one way they could. Through food. And so began, their New York City odyssey to find authentic delicacies of countries, that for now, are out of their reach.

In today's Conversation, Diane Sawyer talks with Winer and Leu about the foods they have been brave enough to sample so far. From sucking on the eyes of a lamb to slurping down the still-squirming tentacles of an octopus, you will be amazed what can be found in New York if you look hard enough. Hear about what foods they loved, what foods they probably won't touch again, and what dishes Sawyer was brave enough to try on her own travels around the globe.

It's a Conversation you don't want to miss!