Dolphin Injures Woman After Jumping Onto Boat

A 600-pound dolphin jumps on board a tourist boat, grazing a woman's head.

March 15, 2011— -- A dolphin jumped onto the deck of a small boat and injured a woman on the Isle of Capri in Florida Sunday.

"Just incredible, I mean quite the experience," Lt. Keith Perry of the Isle of Capri Fire Department told ABC affiliate WZVN. "I've nearly been at this station for 10 years and never run into such a call."

A charter boat captain called 911 after the 600-pound dolphin jumped onto the small sightseeing boat and landed on one of the passengers. The woman was later treated for a sprained ankle.

"His head was right there at the lady's feet," Perry said, pointing to where the dolphin landed.

Ten men tried to lift it but it wouldn't budge. Finally the group managed to get the dolphin onto a back board using ropes and towels.

"He just relaxed and let us do our thing," Perry said.

No other injuries were reported.